All Wall and Floor Tiling

We offer several tile types and you can choose from a host of different tile types and colours. There are several paths to carve a floor space and the wall space. You can create a fascinating checkerboard effect or invite your home to take a natural look.

Whether you choose hard tiles, like ceramic, marble, terracotta or stone, or the softer finish of vinyl or cork, you'll find a lot of decorative and practical advantages over other forms of floor and wall covering for tiled surfaces. Tiles are divided roughly into two categories:

Hard finish includes ceramic, terra cotta, quarry, slate, stone, marble, and terrazzo, offering a vast choice of color, texture, and finish. On the whole more expensive and trickier to lay than soft finish tiles, these are nevertheless the most durable options – some, such as terra cotta, will last a lifetime and more and even improve with age.