We offer splashbacks as per your requirements at Gemstone Tilling. They have toughened glass of high quality. Choose from any of our pictures and enter the size you want.

We provide a professional service from the moment you place your order, through to cutting in our own factory and delivering to your door. We are always there to help you with information and advice, and we will answer any questions you may have before placing an order. For all and every location, we are able to supply printed glass, so contact us today regardless of your needs. We supply splashbacks and printed glass for kitchens, bathrooms, commercial outlets, offices, glass table tops, stair risers, bedrooms and all locations in between.


Mosaics are compositions of small pieces or tesseras that combine different materials or break a single wall covering, which can also be used as decorative fronts or frame different areas like the bath or basin. Mosaics are a combination of energy and richness. However, they can also be the central feature of a space, which is colorful and full of reflections. We have a wide variety of mosaics at Gemstone Tiling. If you want to give a splendor to your home, we will ensure that it is fulfilled according to your needs.